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"This was the most fun I've had at the theater in quite a while. The ensemble cast were pure genius - well acted and staged. This show even had the kids in the audience smiling and laughing throughout...I wholeheartedly recommend the Open Window Theatre and look forward to seeing more of their upcoming productions."

"Great acting and great theater! Can't say enough about the actors making me feel like I was in the moment right where they were in the story. Nice theater and love that there is free parking. I would definitely go here again."

“This was a very charming small theater.  I really liked the atmosphere and the family feel of the people working and acting.  You can tell they are truly passionate about making this company work and I think they are well on their way.  The acting was very good and the staff was very friendly.  I would definitely recommend the Open Window Theatre!”

“A very inviting space close to Lee’s Liquor Lounge. We both very much enjoyed the show.  Full of fun and definitely recommended.  Looking forward to our next show at the Open Window.”

“The acting was great for such a small, start up theatre.”

  1. -Goldstar Member Reviews (www.goldstar.com/minneapolis)


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